About Us

Governmental Management Services (“GMS”) is a family of limited liability companies that were established for the purpose of providing special district management services to community development districts. Financially backed by a small group of investor’s and with encouragement from the development community, GMS was created to provide an alternative to the existing district management companies. Governmental Management Services currently has offices in Knoxville, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Florida, St. Augustine, Florida, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and Orlando, Florida.

The majority of our staff has worked with Investment Bankers, Bond Counsel, District Counsel, Engineers, Developers and Boards of Supervisors across the State of Florida. They have been providing management, financial and administrative reporting services to over 100 Special Taxing Districts and Homeowners Associations during their careers.

The goal of GMS is to provide the most efficient, effective and comprehensive management services for Community Development District’s in the State of Florida. Governmental Management Service’s greatest strength is its ability to respond to individual client needs quickly, efficiently and professionally.